Palace won’t release evidence against “narco-cops” just yet

  • Malacañang refused to disclose the evidence or the basis of President Duterte’s accusation that five police officials are involved in the illegal drugs trade
  • Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said releasing the evidence at this point will prejudice the investigation against the officials
  • The five police officials denied being protectors of drug syndicates

After President Rodrigo Duterte publicly named five Philippine National Police (PNP) officials as having links to illegal drugs trade, a Malacañang Palace official said Wednesday, July 6, that the evidence or the basis of the accusation will not be disclosed just yet.

GMA News Online noted that the official said releasing the evidence at this point may harm the administrative and criminal investigation against the police officials; two of whom have retired from service.

“The evidence (documentary or testimonial) against the named generals should not be released yet as it may prejudice the administrative and criminal investigation/s and case/s against them,” Communications Secretary Martin Andanar told reporters in a text message, adding “A premature release of evidence through the media may also violate the constitutional right to due process of those involved.”

On July 5, the president tagged police generals Joel Pagdilao, Bernardo Diaz and Eduardo Tinio; and retired generals Marcelo Garbo and Vicente Loot as the police officials involved in illegal drugs. Loot, who served in the PNP for 37 years, is currently the mayor of a municipality in Cebu.

All five of them denied President Duterte’s accusation; saying the president was fed with wrong information.