Paolo Duterte explains absence of Honeylet, Kitty in family photo

  • Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte posted a photo of the Duterte family on his Facebook account
  • Honeylet Avancena and Kitty Duterte weren’t present in the picture
  • Vice Mayor Duterte said they had their own family picture taken with the president

MANILA, Philippines – Presidential son Paolo “Pulong” Duterte answered the questions of social media users why President Rodrigo Duterte’s common-law-wife Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña and their daughter Veronica “Kitty” weren’t present in the family picture that he shared on his official Facebook page.

Image from Paolo Duterte Official Facebook Page
Image from Paolo Duterte Official Facebook Page

He said that Honeylet and Kitty had their own family picture taken with the president and he also explained the presence of their mother, Elizabeth in the family photo.

The photo, which the Davao City vice mayor captioned: “Official photo”, shows the newly-inaugurated president seated in between his former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman and their daughter Inday Sara Duterte and her son, Stingray.

Also present in the family photo are Paolo and Sebastian “Baste” and their spouses and children.

Paolo commented on his own post saying: “To everybody questioning the whereabouts of Ms. Avanceña and Kitty Duterte they have their own family picture…NAA AMONG INAHAN KAY AMOA SIYANG INAHAN UG WA NAMOY LABOT ANA (Our mother is there because she’s our mother and you don’t have anything to do with that.)”

He said in another comment that he’s not sure if he should answer the unnecessary questions.

President Duterte has been married to Zimmerman for more than two decades and their marriage was annulled in 2000. However, the two of them remain good friends.

As for Honeylet, she’s been President Duterte’s partner for several years now.

She’s a nurse and worked for four years in the United States. She returned to Davao from the US shortly after their daughter Kitty was born.

Currently, she runs several businesses in Davao, including doughnut franchises and a meat shop.

Honeylet and Kitty were seen arriving at the Malacañang Palace with President Duterte on his inauguration.

Kitty was also the one who held the Bible while her father was being sworn in as the new President of the Republic of the Philippines.