Patrick Garcia to wife Nikka: “You are the best for me”

  • Patrick Garcia’s wife, Nikka, admitted that before, she felt insecure over Jennylyn Mercado
  • Patrick and Jennylyn have a son named Alex Jazz
  • Patrick said there’s no reason for Nikka to be insecure in the first place
  • He reassured her that he loves her and she’s the best for him

After his wife, Nikka Martinez, admitted that she felt insecure over Jennylyn Mercado in the past, Patrick Garcia took to social media to reassure his wife that there’s no reason for her to be insecure in the first place.

Image capture of Patrick Garcia's post via Instagram account
Image capture of Patrick Garcia’s post via Instagram account

On his Instagram account, he shared a photo that was taken on their wedding day and wrote: “They say when someone leaves you it only means one thing that the Lord has someone better for you and when that someone came into my life I married her!

In connection with your blog post I just want to let you know that you are kind, smart, loving, wise, nice, gorgeous, beautiful and sexy inside and out. Oh my love I’m telling you there was no reason to be insecure in the first place.. You are the best for me! I love you”

On her blog entry entitled “A Boy After My Heart”, Nikka shared that during the early stage of her relationship with Patrick, she felt uneasy dealing with his past, which involved Jennylyn Mercado with whom he has a son, Alex Jazz.

“When Pat and I were just dating; I was young and still a little immature. I was confident in mostly everything except his past. Knowing that he has a son whom he adores with someone he used to love, not to mention, a very good-looking person… brought about the feeling of INSECURITY in me,” she wrote.

However, things changed when the two of them got engaged. She knew that eventually, she had to face Jennylyn.

She shared that after praying and lifting everything to the Lord, she reached out to Jennylyn and asked the latter if they could meet up and Jennylyn agreed.

“We met. We talked.

I assured her that I would be a good Tita to Jazz. And that I will be supportive in anything and everything that is and will be good for him,” Nikka added.

She wrote that after meeting Jennylyn, God took away all of her insecurity and replaced it with genuine admiration. He took away her jealousy and replaced it with compassion.

On her Instagram account, Nikka shared recently a lovely photo of Jennylyn and Patrick’s son, Alex Jazz, with her and Patrick’s daughters, Chelsea and Patrice, which shows that all is well between all of them.

She used the hashtags ‘lovewins’ and ‘lovealways’ on her post.

Image by Nikka via Instagram
Image by Nikka via Instagram