PNP Chief to cops: “Those who do not want to be reassigned are welcome to leave the police service”

The PNP headquarters did not cite any reason for the relief and transfer of several QCPD cops to Mindanao
• There are speculations that those who were ordered transferred are being suspected of illegal drugs involvement
• The PNP chief said those who do not want to be reassigned can leave the police service

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald De la Rosa has vowed to cleanse the police ranks of officers involved in drugs and other illegal activities.

Upon assuming the leadership of the national police force, he ordered rogue cops to surrender within 48 hours. His order, however, went unheeded. According to a CNN Philippines’ article dated July 6, 2016, De la Rosa was furious that no rogue cops came forward to admit involvement in the illegal drug trade.

The PNP chief said that he would transfer rogue police officers to Basilan and Sulu, where the Abu Sayyaf are known to operate, as per the CNN Philippines article.

It is not clear if the more than 30 Quezon City Police District (QCPD) police officers who were relieved from their respective posts and ordered to be transferred to various police units in Mindanao, were involved in shenanigans.

Newly-appointed QCPD chief Senior Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar said the relief order from the PNP headquarters did not cite any reason.

“We just received the order but it does not explain the reason for the transfer,” Eleazar said.

There are speculations that those ordered relieved and transferred to Mindanao are being suspected of recycling recovered drugs.

According to Inquirer, disgruntled members of the QCPD anti-illegal drugs unit are complaining about the transfer order; saying it is unfair for Dela Rosa to assume that all personnel are involved in drugs.

De la Rosa did not say the reason behind the relief and transfer of the QCPD cops.

“Basta ito lang masasabi ko [this is all I can say], pag-take oath namin [when we took our oath] as member of the PNP, we swear that we can be assigned anywhere in the Philippines, Basilan, Jolo, Tawi-Tawi, Maguindanao. No question about that. They can be assigned anywhere,” he said; adding that he himself had been assigned in Davao.

He said those who do not want to be reassigned are welcome to leave the police service.



  1. yung mga Paranaque at Las Pinas Cops na PAULIT-ULIT ng nirereklamo at nakakasuhan ng “Hulidap”, Kidnapping with extortion pero PABALIK-BALIK din sa pwesto ang ISUNOD nyo naman Sir lalo na yung mga nasa Anti-Crime Follow-up Unit.. Halos ARAW-ARAW kung gumawa ng pera mga yan!

  2. Ask ko lang kung yon mga polis na reassigned sa Mindanao ay punishment sa kanila o sa mga tao sa lugar na pupuntahan nila? The people of Mindanao do not deserve these policemen. Punish them by means of filing a case and charge them in court.

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