“Pororo Go”, South Korea’s answer to Japan’s Pokemon Go?

  • South Korean tech start-up company now creating a game similar to “Pokemon Go”
  • Pororo Go is meant for children, not adults
  • Questions on the safeness of the Pororo Go for children was raised

A South Korean tech start-up is now in the process of creating an augmented-reality (AR) mobile game similar to that of the now-phenomenal “Pokemon Go”.

In cooperation with Iconix Production, the animation’s producer of “Pororo The Little Penguin” where the game will be based, Social Network Co., a start-up company which specializes in augmented-reality technology, began developing a game called “Pororo Go” according to Korean Herald.

Social Network Co. was founded seven years ago and was able to launch an AR-based app called “Sketchpop” in partnership with Iconix which has an existing user of around one million.

The company is expecting that users of Sketchpop will develop an interest in their upcoming game “Pororo Go”.

Choi Joong-gu, the executive director of Iconix Entertainment, said the development of the game begun upon seeing the success of “Pokemon Go”.

However, the difference between the South Korean augmented reality to that of Japan’s, as disclosed by Social Network Co. CEO Park Soo-wang in a statement, is that their game is meant for children while Japan’s is for adults.

The rumor that the game is for young children, according to Mashable, raises the question on the safeness for kids to be wandering with their gadgets while playing the game.

Pokemon Go – the inspiration for the game – has been criticized as it even bring its players to cemeteries, railways and fire stations and led to reports of some players being injured as they wander to catch and train pokemons; unaware of their surroundings.

But Choi said they will “stay mindful of the potential concerns and side effects that may emerge from the game” as it is meant for children below elementary school age.

“Pororo Go” is scheduled to be available to the public at the end of this year.

Pororo The Little Penguin is an animated series produced by Ocon Animation Studios and Iconix Entertainment. The show is aimed to teach children practical and moral episodes in each episode.

Watch one of Pororo’s episodes below:


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  1. I’m wondering why #KickerDaily didn’t include in their report that the victims did approached a policeman but regrettably, the policeman retorted with “wala naman palang nawala sa bagahe ninyo, kayo pa nga nakalamang(?) dahil wala kayong binayaran” which was very upsetting!

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