Powerful illustration about Pokemon Go gets online attention

  • A powerful illustration about Pokemon Go is currently getting a lot of attention online
  • The illustration on the famous game app was created by Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski
  • Kuczynski is famous for his satirical illustrations

A powerful illustration about Pokemon Go is currently getting a lot of attention online.

In an article written by Lina D. of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski, who is famous for his satirical illustrations, created a deep masterpiece about Pokemon Go. The illustration, titled “Control”, shows Pokemon’s Pikachu riding the neck of a young male who is busy playing with his cellphone.

The photo got different comments from people online.

“Yes, I agree with the artist. This is a brilliant idea for interactive media, but it is also brilliant to track people, invade their privacy and mind control them not to care,” D.O. wrote.

“This game is great, I just think that if you’re playing the game you still need to be aware of what is happening around you, and play the game at the right time,” said C.K.

“I went with my daughter to collect poke balls and Pokemon and really enjoyed it. We conversated (sic) and worked together, though I don’t play. We were spending quality time together no different but actually better than like watching TV or playing on a computer. I also observed over the weekend at one of our peak poke-spots where people of different ages, races, and I am sure they were different religions as well, were camped out with chairs and coolers and of course their phones. My observations were everyone was socializing, comparing Pokemon, laughing, stargazing together, and just having a grand time. Compared to what people could be doing, think it is great! It also takes minds off of what we cannot control going on in today’s world in my opinion,” C.D. stated.

Pokemon GO is built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform and uses real locations to encourage players to search for Pokemons in the real world.

“Pokemon GO allows you to find and catch more than a hundred species of Pokemon as you explore your surroundings. The Pokemon video game series has used real-world locations such as the Hokkaido and Kanto regions of Japan, New York, and Paris as inspiration for the fantasy settings in which its games take place. In Pokémon GO, the real world will be the setting!” it was stated on Pokemon’s website.

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