Preparing for war? FB user posts unsettling video of Chinese forces mobilizing in Hainan

  • FB user posted a video of Chinese forces purportedly massing in Hainan island
  • He said the video was sent to him a few days ago by a friend in China
  • He is fearing that China might finally go to war against the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Is China finally gearing up for war against the Philippines?

A video posted on Facebook by a certain Harry Uy shows a huge number of Chinese tanks, armored vehicles, and planes being purportedly mobilized in Hainan island which is China’s southernmost province.

According to Uy, a friend from China sent him the video a few days ago.

“My Chinese friend has just sent these videos to me. Chinese Military forces seem to be preparing for war in Hainan (Southernmost province of China)? According to her, some of the videos were taken two days ago, while some were taken today,” he said.

Uy added the he is worried over whether China will finally resort to armed confrontation to guard its claim in the West Philippine Sea.

War Unlikely Though

Despite Beijing’s tough rhetoric against the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)’s ruling invalidating its 9-Dash Line claim in the West Philippine Sea, an analyst said the prospect of it going to war is highly unlikely.

According to Chinese studies professor Jessica Chen Weiss of Cornell University, China’s ruling Communist Party won’t accede to the demands of ultra-nationalists clamoring for war most probably because they don’t want to risk their international standing or local grip on power.

“Grassroots reactions represent an opportunity and a challenge for the Chinese government, which wants to harness public opinion but fears its power to destabilize the regime,” she told Foreign Policy. “The Chinese government tends to suppress grassroots nationalism when it wants room for maneuver in handling foreign incidents.”