Pres. Duterte set to form special team to probe mayors’ funds

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte will form a special team to check how mayors all over the country spend their discretionary and intelligence funds
  • He said that mayors “are not doing anything” to rid their towns and cities of garbage
  • He will also impose proper discipline among government employees by prohibiting to leave their desks during office hours and barring them to enter casinos

A special team which is tasked to look into how local chief executives are spending their discretionary and intelligence funds will soon be created.

This was the marching order made by President Rodrigo Duterte during a meeting with Cebu-based businessman Peter Lim, who is suspected of being one of the three top drug lords in the country, an article published by GMA News Online stated.

“I will create a special team. I will review pati yung intelligence funds ninyo, ‘yan ang pinakamadali mapasok sa bulsa,” Duterte was quoted saying.

[I will review even your intelligence funds, that is the easiest to pocket.]

The president said he wants to check the discretionary and intelligence funds of all local government unit heads around the country because allegedly they “are not doing anything” to rid their towns and cities of garbage.

“Ang dumi ng Pilipinas… There is trash and garbage around and if you—you have to wait for the plastics to go inside the drainage so everytime there’s a downpour, excessive rain, water nagka-clog,” Pres. Duterte stressed.

[The Philippines is so dirty.]

In stating this, he noted that non-performing mayors should at least make their areas “clean and peaceful.”

As such, the tough-talking president chided local chief executives who buy expensive furniture and vehicles using public funds.

“Binibili n’yo furniture. Ganda ng kotse. ‘Yong iba Land Cruiser, Suburban. Hindi na kayo nahiya!” he said.

[You buy furniture. Beautiful car. Some have Land Cruiser, Suburban. Shame on you!]

In addition to this, Duterte also mentioned that he will institute discipline among government employees and have them dismissed if they are caught abandoning their desks during office hours.

He also said that he will ask the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. to strictly prohibit government officials, employees and their families from entering casinos.

Stressing on the importance of proper expenditure, the president disclosed he would bar government people from taking first class seats when they travel by plane.