President Duterte appoints Jimmy Bondoc as AVP for Entertainment for PAGCOR

  • Jimmy Bondoc is the new AVP for Entertainment for PAGCOR
  • Although he may or may not be the best man for the job, Bondoc said he is here to serve 
  • He emphasized that money has never blinded him

MANILA, Philippines – After the appointment of Arnell Ignacio as AVP for Community Relations and Service Department of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), James Patrick Romero Bondoc, popularly known as Jimmy Bondoc, also revealed that he was appointment by President Rodrigo Duterte as the AVP for Entertainment for PAGCOR.

According to an article published by Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Bondoc took to Facebook to make his announcement and at the same time assure the people that although he may or may not be the best man for the job, he is an honest man and he is here to serve the next generation.

He acknowledged that there will always be people who will be questioning the credibilities of the newly-appointed government officials, but the Ateneo de Manila University AB Communications graduate emphasized he knows his craft and Entertainment is God’s gift to him and he is still willing to improve his knowledge.

His post read: “I don’t mind people questioning the credentials of some of us appointees. I know that’s part of life.

1) I am here to serve. This industry has served me. I want to serve the next generation, hoping I can make conditions better for them;

2) I am an honest man. If I ever take money or kickbacks and the like, come to my house and cut off my hands;

3) I will still make music. I just can’t do shows anymore (unless I am not paid). We are not allowed to take “double compensation”. This is the hardest part of this new job. However, I can still sing for free! (Book now hehe)

At the end of the day, all of this means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if I do not do it for the Lord. Money has never blinded me, ask my friends.

What will it profit my life if I earn from kickback and such, and die in 40 years? How I look God in the eye, and tell Him what I did with my life?”

The 41-year-old singer will be replacing Bong Quintaña, the long-time partner of Boy Abunda and he has begun working for his new 9am-6pm job.



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