QC rejects TRO proposal vs curfew on minors

  • Quezon City opposes the TRO against the implementation of curfew for minors
  • Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte says the ordinance on the curfew has been successful in their city
  • Youth group SPARK has earlier filed a TRO against the ordinances on curfew for minors implemented in Quezon City, Manila and Navotas

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte opposed the proposal for a temporary restraining order (TRO) over the implementation of a city ordinance that imposes curfew for young residents of the city.

“I am not in favor of that TRO. I am very happy with the way this curfew ordinance has been working,” Belmonte said in an ABS-CBN news article on Friday, July 22.

“I think it’s been very quiet in Quezon City. I think children are not being used as often to violate the law as what’s happening in the past. For me, I find it very successful and I’m totally, 100% in favor of continuing it,” she also said.

The city ordinance penalizes children who will be caught out of their homes after 10 PM with P2,000 or 42-hour community service for the first offense. For the second offense, they will be sanctioned P3,000 or 72 hours of community service and P5,000 or 6-month imprisonment for the third offense.

In the case of the fourth offense, the children will be taken away from home and be brought to the Social Welfare Department.

A group of progressive youth sought the Supreme Court to issue a TRO on the Quezon City ordinance, together with similar local laws implemented in Manila and Navotas.

The group Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan (SPARK) said the ordinances are unconstitutional and contrary to Republic Act No. 9344 ot the Juvenile Justice Welfare Act.

Spokesperson Joanne Lim also stressed: “these ordinances are implemented without due consideration of various important factors such as housing conditions of affected areas, hardships encountered in transportation and the late shifts experienced by affected students.”

Implementing a curfew for minors has been one of the popular promises of President Rodrigo Duterte upon being elected. Even without a legislation, several cities have passed their ordinances based on Duterte’s pronouncement.