READ: Alfred Vargas releases statement over viral ‘De Lima-Colangco’ video

  • Rep. Alfred Vargas admitted he’s the one sitting next to Sen. De Lima and not Herbert Colangco in the viral video
  • He emphasized it was just a case of mistaken identity
  • He advised that we should be more discerning in forwarding videos that come from unknown sources

Actor-turned-politician Alfred Vargas opened up and released his official statement regarding the video allegedly showing Sen. Leila De Lima singing at convicted robbery gang leader Herbert Colangco’s birthday party.

Together with Peter Lim and Peter Co, Colangco was also named by President Rodrigo Duterte as three alleged leaders of drug trafficking operations in the Philippines.

Vargas’ name came up after the former Department of Justice secretary clarified that the event was actually her birthday party and that the man who was seen sitting next to her and was mistaken for Colangco, was actually the Quezon City 5th District representative.

De Lima told GMA News: “That video was actually taken during my birthday at the DOJ quadrangle last Aug. 27, 2015.What was claimed to be Colangco was really Cong. Alfred Vargas, who was one of the guests.”

In his official statement sent to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the 33-year-old congressman confirmed what De Lima said.

His statement entitled “Alfred Vargas Wrongly Identified as Ampang Colangco in De Lima Video” read: “I was at Senator Leila De Lima’s birthday party last year at the DOJ quadrangle as guest.

I just want to make it clear that it was me in the video and not Mr. Colangco.

I had sore eyes at that time so I had to wear sunglasses and could not properly shake hands with everybody.

It’s a simple case of mistaken identity, perhaps because the video was blurred.

Let’s just be careful in making big assumptions like this and be more discerning in forwarding videos that come from unknown sources.”





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