READ: Leni Robredo’s ‘love advice’ to school girls

  • Vice President Leni Robredo gives some love advice to teenage girls
  • This is through her speech at the celebration of the UN World Population Day
  • UN highlighted the importance of teenage girls in this year’s celebration

“There is a time and place for romantic love. Finding your truest love is one of the most important aspects of a life well-lived. But it is important to find yourself first, before you give yourself to somebody else.”

These were Vice President Leni Robredo’s words for teenage girls who attended the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) celebration of World Population Day on Monday.

“And when you do, your SO (significant other) must love you enough to give you space to help you keep on redefining yourself and letting you reach your truest potential,” she also wrote in a speech read by her daughter Aika during the event. Robredo was at Malacañang at the time to attend the cabinet meeting for the first time.

Robredo shared how she also married young but her husband, the late interior secretary Jesse Robredo, had still supported her to pursue her dreams of becoming a lawyer.

“I myself married young. After I graduated from college, I met Jesse and within a couple of months, he was already asking for my hand in marriage.”

“But even after I had my first daughter, he supported me in my desire to become a lawyer. He supported me in all my activities as alternative lawyer to the masses. He gave me space to be excellent in what I do. We were a great team.

The vice president who is a widowed mother to three daughters reminded teenage girls that this is the time for them to nourish and empower themselves – most especially by education.

“But remember this, my dear young ones: these years are the best time to expand your minds and prepare you for the rest of your life,” she wrote in the speech.

“Every knowledge stored in your mental hard drive will help you become a cooler version of yourself. Study hard. Listen to your teachers well. Strive for excellence in all that you do. Make this time count!”

UNFPA placed the issues of teenage girls such as early pregnancy and forced marriage at the forefront of this year’s celebration.