Recto to Duterte: Expand ‘kill list’ to include poverty, unemployment

  • Sen. Ralph Recto urged President Rodrigo Duterte to disclose his plans about poverty and unemployment
  • The lawmaker asked the chief executive to expand his “kill list” to include the other problems of the country
  • Recto said that the Filipino people would also like to hear about the other goals of the administration

Sen. Ralph Recto urged President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Sunday to expand his “kill list” by trying to address the other problems the nation is experiencing such as poverty and unemployment rather than merely focusing on the fight against illegal drugs.

In an article published by GMA News Online on July 24, 2016, it was disclosed that the senator aired his call in a statement that he released in line with the president’s upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA) scheduled on Monday.

“Tomorrow’s SONA presents a great opportunity for the President to expand his kill list, against the greater enemies that must be defeated like poverty, joblessness, poor public services like our clogged roads and crowded hospitals,” Recto said; noting that criminality is not the only problem that is plaguing the country.

Moreover, the lawmaker also said that the Filipinos are longing to hear about the president’s other plans for the country especially about the economy so that everyone will know which direction the people should take.

“It is fair to say that what the people expect to hear is the common purpose, the national marching orders. It is taking stock of where we are, identifying where we should go, how to go there, without sugarcoating how hard the journey will be,” he said. “On this, I am confident that the President will be able to set a relatable grand vision, one the people would willingly invest in if the guaranteed yield is a better future for their children.”