Rocco Nacino confirms breakup with Lovi Poe

  • Rocco Nacino admitted his separation with Lovi Poe
  • He emphasized there was no third party involved
  • He refused to give further details regarding their breakup

MANILA, Philippines – Rocco Nacino finally ended his silence over his rumored breakup with fellow Kapuso star Lovi Poe.

Rocco told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) during the grand launch of ‘Encantadia” on Wednesday night, July 13 that it’s pretty obvious that the two of then has ended their two-year relationship.

However, the actor refused to give details on what caused and who initiated the breakup. Instead, he wished Lovi luck on her endeavors.

Rumors about their breakup surfaced last year and there were reports that came out saying that the actor took money from their joint account and there was a third party involved in their relationship as well.

Once again, Rocco emphasized that neither of the two reasons is true.

“Walang kinalaman sa issues, walang third party.  Iyon, I can be sure, walang third party talaga,” he said.

[It has nothing to do with the issues, no third party as well. I can be sure that there’s really no third party involved.]

He also denied that the two of them had a joint account. He believes that if a couple is still on the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, they shouldn’t have a joint account.

He admitted that he is still hurting over with his separation with Lovi; saying that it was the most serious relationship he ever had.

He said he still remembers the good memories they shared in the two years they’ve been together.

“The thing is, we had a good run. No regrets,” he added.

Rocco is thankful that he’s preoccupied with ‘Encantadia’ right now, so he’s still happy despite being loveless.

The former couple’s relationship developed while they were working in the television series “Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas” in 2013.

They became co-stars once more in last year’s television series “Beautiful Strangers”.