Sad: Saicy, Davao’s own ‘Hachiko’, continues waiting for master who died of a heart attack

  • Faithful dog still waiting for master who died of a heart attack and was subsequently buried
  • Widow of deceased man said Saicy has lost her appetite following her master’s death
  • She also noted that Saicy is not as energetic as before, is often heard whimpering in sadness

DAVAO CITY– Just like Japan’s famous Akita Inu Hachiko, Saicy still continues to wait for her master even after he’s long gone.

In an interview with ABS-CBN’s Rated K, Marissa Bandayanon — widow of Elenito Bandayanon — revealed that Saicy has been despondent ever since her master’s death and subsequent burial. She said that the dog has lost both her appetite and energy even when they do their regular afternoon routine of going out to eat street food.

She also noted that Saicy has been whimpering a lot lately; almost as if she’s asking when will her master finally return.

Saicy became famous after Alvin Ceria photographed her waiting patiently outside the emergency room of Davao Doctors Hospital as Elenito was being treated for cardiac arrest.

Ceria was told by the neighbor who brought Elenito to the hospital that Saicy was adamant in going along with her master and even rode with them inside the taxi en route to the hospital. He also wrote how the dog kept barking and wanted to enter the room as her owner was fighting for his life.

“Sad to say the patient died. The dog’s owner may have been dead, but the love of the dog remains,” he noted.

The story of Saicy’s loyalty quickly spread like wildfire around social media. Many compared her to Hachiko, the Japanese dog who waited at a train station for his owner, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, for 10 years after his death.