Sandro Marcos’ hacked Twitter account still unrecovered

  • Sandro Marcos’ Twitter account got hacked Friday and still unrecovered
  • Hacker deleted all his previous tweets, renamed his account and changed location
  • GMA News received flak from netizens on their caption “apo ng diktador”

The Twitter account  of election hottie Sandro Marcos, a grandson of the former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, has reportedly been hacked Friday, as disclosed in a GMA News story.

The hacker altered Sandro’s name into “Sander Murks” and changed his location into “living in the PH ironically”. Moreover, the hacker also deleted all the tweets of the son of the politician Bongbong Marcos and posted something else like, “nothing smart here just comics and video games.”

Fans of Sandro condemned the hacking by expressing wrath against the hacker.

One tweeted: “alam mo ba na yung username na @/sandromarcos7 means a lot to us??? yun yung inaabangan namin palagi tapos ganun nlng?? ibalik mo pls” [Did you know that the username sandromarcos7 means a lot to us ??? We’re always looking for it, then you will do things like this? pls return]

Well, in response, the hacker reportedly also taunted Sandro’s admirers:

In a tweet, the hacker shared the good news that ‘Sandro’ got his account back.

“Finally got my account back! Thank you Twitter! I’m back!”  the bogus post goes.

 “I’m not mad I got hacked. I’m just sad I lost all my followers.”

But as of 6PM Saturday, Sandro clarified that his original account has not been recovered yet, so the tweets were not from him.

He said in a Facebook post; “As you may know someone hacked my Twitter account today, and we are working on getting the original account back. For now, those things tweeted do not represent my thoughts or views. I hope you can all help me in reporting the account.”

A commenter said: “…you cannot retrieve your account because the hacker changed your @sandromarcos7 username to something else and the deactivate it, then the hacker used @sandromarcos7 as a new twitter.”

Sandro’s full name is Ferdinand Alexander III A. Marcos and was reported to have studied in the Oxford Brookes in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Marcos Loyalists and netizens expressed via Facebook posts their anger towards  GMA News over the latter’s news caption.

Their caption goes, “Na-hack ang Twitter account ni Sandro Marcos, apo ng yumaong diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos.” [Twitter account of Sandro Marcos got hacked, grandson of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.] to the linked report about Sandro’s Twitter account being hacked.

A netizen said, “GMA, kelan mo balak gamitin ang term na “dating pangulo” kay FM?! Walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan nga ba? haha Aabangan ko ang headline na “democrat Pnoy” para fair.” [GMA, when do you intend to use the term “former president” for FM ?! I look forward to the headline “democrat Pnoy” to be fairn.]

Image capture from GMA News' FB Page
Image capture from GMA News’ FB Page

“Pwede naman sabihin anak ni Senador Bongbong Marcos sa caption. mas relevant pa ‘yun.” [You can say ‘the son of Senator Bongbong Marcos’, which is more relevant.]

While others said:, “Tinagurian siyang Dictator dahil sa pamamahala nya. At hindi GMA ang nagbigay sa Former President Ferdinand Marcos ng Title na yon. So Why bash them?” [He became a Dictator during his reign. And GMA did not give Former President Ferdinand Marcos that title. So Why bash them?]

As of posting, the young Marcos’ account shows: “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”