Scared of being mistaken for a drug pusher? Wear your NBI clearance like this man

  • A Facebook user wore his NBI clearance as a safety precaution in viral photo
  • He said the idea struck him after reading the story of a commuter who was picked up by police after being mistaken for a drug pusher
  • Netizens found his idea hilarious, but perhaps worth trying
Image capture of Bautista's Facebook post
Image capture of Bautista’s Facebook post

A Facebook user has found an ingenious, if not funny, way to avoid the terrible experience of being mistaken for a drug pusher; just like what a commuter in Manila had gone through in a viral story a few days ago.

Christian Jay Bautista decided to wear his NBI clearance around his neck as a safety precaution against a similar scary episode. On his Facebook  account, he posted a picture of himself that has since gone viral after netizens found it hilarious, but perhaps worth trying.

Although he told GMA News in an interview that he has no intention to wear the 5 cm. X 21 cm. document outside his home, he said he found it “more valid than a cardboard”.

Bautista said the idea struck him after reading the viral story of a commuter who was picked up and questioned by police in Pasay City after he was mistaken for a drug pusher who had previous criminal record.

He said he was using almost the same route where the man was arrested and thought about what can be done to avoid ending up in the same predicament.

Bautista, who works in the advertising industry as a freelancer, captioned his Facebook post: “Just in case mapagkamalan din akong pusher tulad sa nangyari sa iba na walang ebidensya at due process. Iba na ang handa.”

[Just in case I might be mistaken for a drug pusher without evidence and due process just like what happened to someone. It’s better to be ready.]

“Ang nasa isip ko kasi eh parang, ano pa bang gagawin ko pa para mapakita sa kanila na hindi lahat pusher, na normal na civilian lang ako na natatakot na sa nangyayari lalo na’t gabi na din ako nakakauwi galing trabaho,” he told GMA News.

[I was thinking, what could I do to prove to them that I am not a pusher, but just a normal civilian who is also terrified about what’s happening recently especially that I also head for home late from work.]

His post has earned more than 13,000 likes and more than 700 shares since sharing it on Facebook two days ago.

Some amused commenter suggested he should have attached a copy of the drug result as well, while others said he should have it laminated to avoid from getting wet.

In the end, Bautista advised commuters to just always bring an ID, and as much as possible, stay calm when they find themselves in a similar situation.

“Nasa satin na siguro kung pano natin ihahandle sarili natin kapag sa situation na napagbintangan ka,” he said.

[In the end, it’s still up to us to know how to handle ourselves in a situation where we are being accused of something.]