Sen. Bam Aquino proposes bill that will require restaurants to donate excess food to the poor

  • Senator Bam Aquino proposes Senate Bill no. 357 or the “Zero Food Waste Act”
  • The proposed bill seeks to “ultimately end the cycle of having food end up in the trash instead of stomachs”
  • About 6.9 million families in the country consider themselves “food-poor”

Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV proposed a bill that would prevent food from going to waste and feeding the country’s poorest families at the same time.

In a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey conducted for the first quarter of 2016, it showed that 31% of the respondents, or an estimated 6.9 million families, consider themselves as “food-poor” or barely have enough food to eat, as per an article published by Rappler.

Through the Senate Bill no. 357, or the Zero Food Waste Act, Aquino aims to “ultimately end the cycle of having food end up in the trash instead of stomachs.”

The Zero Food Waste Act will require restaurants and food-related businesses to donate excess but clean food to charities involved in the distribution of meals such as food banks, to ensure that the surplus food would remain safe for consumption.

“Sa taas ng presyo ng bilihin at presyo ng pagkain ngayon, hindi makatarungan na maraming nasasayang na pagkain,” Aquino said in a statement.

[Given the high price of food these days, it is unjust that a lot of food goes to waste]

Through this proposed bill, Aquino seeks to create a National Anti-Food Waste Scheme and will appoint the Department of Social Welfare and Development to act as a coordinating agency between businesses and the food banks. Guidelines for collection, storage and distribution of the donated food will be set by DSWD to ensure the food’s good condition.

Aquino added that establishments who will “deliberately make food waste unfit for consumption and anyone who will bar the transport of food to food banks may face imprisonment of from six months to six years,” as per an article published by Inquirer.

A self-sufficiency program will also be put in place to provide the food-poor with skills training on managing food banks and livelihood programs to avoid dependence on donations.




  1. Another useless bill. Do we really need to legislate on what to do about excess food from the restaurants? I think people in the food/restaurant business endeavors to have a zero excess food policy. They also know the word “RECYCLE”.

  2. Kung ang maraming bigas nga nabulok sa DSWD at hindi nakarating sa mga nasalanta ng Yolanda e, do you expect agaran madidistribute ang ‘cooked’ food ng mga restaurants/fast-food chains sa nangangailangan??

    Kung ang dinonate na ‘excess food’ AY NAGCAUSE ng sakit dun sa mga pinakain nito, LIABLE ba ang Fast-Food Chain na ‘nagdonate’ dahil nirequire sa sila??? Kaya nga ayaw gawin ng mga fast-food chains yan e, dahil baka mademanda sila knowing na hindi na nila pwede ibenta yun food at lower than normal level ang quality as compared to what they serve sa stores nila.

    Ito bang senator na ito ay kakain din nung mga dinonate na food na iyon?

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