Senator Drilon says Pacquiao wants to box again

  • Outgoing Senate President Franklin Drilon said Senator Manny Pacquiao asked him if it’s OK to box again
  • Drilon said he supports Pacquiao’s plan to return to the ring as long as he will do it during Senate break
  • Earlier, Pacquiao belied reports that he is planning to box again; saying his priority right now is his legislative works

Senator Franklin Drilon revealed that novice Senator Manny Pacquiao had asked him if it’s OK for the retired boxing champ to return to the ring.

“He asked me if he can box.  I said ‘there’s nothing to prevent you, but you can do it in a manner that will not interfere with your job as a senator because you will be severely criticized.’  And so I said ‘you can box during the break,” Drilon said Thursday, July 21, at the Kapihan sa Senado; a weekly media forum with the Senate press corps.

“I support his desire to exercise his profession as a professional boxer as long as he remains true to his commitment that he will not let the exercise of his profession to interfere with his Senate duties,” he added.

As mentioned in an Inquirer article dated July 21, 2016, Drilon said that like other lawmakers who have other professions, Pacquiao has the right to exercise his boxing profession while performing his duties as a senator of the country.

“I am a lawyer. I can exercise my profession as a lawyer. A businessman can continue running his business while being a member of the legislature and an entertainer can continue his or her profession while being a member of Congress. Why should we impose a different standard to a professional boxer?” the outgoing Senate President said.

Last week, Top Rank founder and CEO Bob Arum said Pacquiao is planning a return bout sometime in November.

“He likes to fight, and he likes the attention,” Arum said of Pacquiao.

However, in a statement he posted on his Facebook account on July 13, 2016, Senator Pacquiao belied reports that he is planning to take a leave from his Senate duties just to fight again.