Simple as always: SONA menu to feature simple Pinoy merienda items

  • Menu for President Duterte’s first SONA finally revealed
  • It will feature simple but popular Pinoy merienda
  • Official said they’ve saved P200,000 in food expenses for this SONA

MANILA, Philippines – This will be a “merienda buffet”, Digong-style.

Office of Executive Edith Cardenas, the official in charge of reception and protocol, shared a copy of the invitation containing the list of food items to be served to guests after President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Included in the menu are Native chips with slated duck egg dressing, Monggo soup and Smoked fish with alugbati and grissini bread, Fresh lumpia ubod in pouch, Empanaditas with either chicken or spicy tuna filling, Sotong Goreng, Crispy triangles of flaked chicken adobo and mushrooms, Fried lumpia ubod, Pandesal with white kesong puti and beef steak, Penne with taba ng talangka sauce, Balut pate in profiteroles, and Chicken skin crackling.

The invitation also contained the number of guests who will be at the Batasang Pambansa to attend the SONA—around 800.

According to Artemio Adasa Jr., House deputy secretary general for legislative operations, they were able to save P200,000 in food expenses because of the simplicity of the menu.

“We’ve reduced our budget for food by more than P200,000. We simplified the menu and just copied what was served during the inaugural of President Duterte,” he told Coconuts Manila.

During his inauguration, food preparations were also kept to a minimum.

Aside from the simple menu, guests have been asked to dress in business attire rather than in long Filipiniana gowns and dresses, in keeping with Duterte’s directive to keep the event simple.

The president has also directed security forces to lower the number of personnel who will man the Batasang Pambansa’s perimeter so as to avoid causing traffic.