Start ‘em young: Aussie teener makes $10,000 in a week by reselling toys he bought from China

  • A 14-year-old boy in Australia made $10,000 in one week by reselling Chinese toys and goods
  • He got the idea from his parents who are into import and wholesale business
  • He now plans to buy a house for his own before turning 18

Last Christmas, while his friends and schoolmates are busy sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter, Australian teenage boy Will Deeth was busy selling his goods on eBay and on pop-up shops.

So a week later, his friends have earned a thousand likes and shares, but Will earned $10,000; much to the amazement of his peers, and of the bank teller.

Will’s mother, Lisa, said his 14-year old son had always been entrepreneurial since he was young and loved to accompany them to China – both for a holiday and business trips.

“He’s always been entrepreneurial. He’s always selling online. He’s a very big user of e-Bay,” she said of his son whose success story was featured on China Youth Daily.

The boy’s parents are actually engaged into business – importing goods from China and selling them in Australia under their company China Purchasing Consultants, now renamed ‘I Will Import’. They would buy directly from factories and wholesalers in China, and at the same time, help other interested people do the same.

Before Christmas season, Will asked his parents if he could try buying toys in China and sell them during the holiday. His parents helped him out in doing the research and choosing what items would be a hit for teens his age such as catching mitts and remote control drones.

After returning from their trip, Will launch his own selling business Will Be Fun on PCYC Market and pop-up shops.

He spent $2,500 to purchase his goods. But after a week, he made a profit of $10,000.

“Anyone can do it. We’ve got translators and guides and they show us round and tell us all the places to go,” the teener told the Daily Mail.

Now, the Toowoomba Christian College student can’t wait to travel again to China this August so he could buy his second batch of toys and items to be sold in his shop.

He is also planning to buy a house for his own by the age of 18.

At $10,000 a week, becoming a millionaire before he reaches that age isn’t a very far-fetched dream, apparently.