Still loves him: Melai defends hubby, calls on public not to bash him

  • Comedienne defended husband from his detractors
  • She called on them to stop bashing him
  • She still considers him her husband, said they will surely work things out together
  • She also called on the public not to take sides because they’re still husband and wife

MANILA, Philippines – Melai Cantiveros defended her husband Jason Francisco from criticism over his split with the comedienne.

In the Facebook page ‘MELASON’, Cantiveros described Francisco as the best husband there is and a good provider. Describing him as just being overprotective, Cantiveros called on the public to stop bashing him as they try to smooth things out.

“Sa mga asawa pagdadaanan talaga ang mga pagsubok, at ang pagsubok ay unlimited, kaya sa mga nagbabash sa asawa ko kung may respeto kayu sa relasyun namin sa akin, sana ay tigilan nyu na at kami lang dn makakaayos nitu,” she wrote.

[There are trials couples will really have to go through, and trials are unlimited, so to those who are bashing my husband if you have any respect for our relationship and for me, I hope you stop it because we are the only ones who can fix it.]

Saying she was hurt over some of the comments directed at her husband, Cantiveros said the public should not take sides in this marital spat because they are husband and wife, not mortal enemies.

“May mga mali at tama [There were some wrong and right points] pero time will heal all wounds,” she said; referring to the comments. “Walang kampihan at ‘di kailangan ng kampihan kung sino dtu kasi di nmn kami magka away. MAG ASAWA po kami .”

[There’s no need to take sides because we’re not enemies after all. We’re husband and wife.]

Francisco has been bashed for being onion-skinned over his separation with Cantiveros reportedly because he was jealous of her getting a partner in the TV series “I Will Survive”.