Street kids flock to Quezon City library to read and learn

  • Quezon City Public Library welcomes street kids
  • The library said there are more street kids visiting their library everyday to read books and watch educational videos
  • They are also fed by the staff with snacks since most of them have nothing to eat at home or in the streets

Quezon City is among the biggest cities in Metro Manila where many street children roam around. But thanks to an initiative of its public library, more street kids are now learning than seeking alms.

The Quezon City Public Library at the Quezon City Hall has been receiving more daily guests than ever. Their usual visitors are street children who read their books and watch educational videos instead of being out in the dangerous streets.

“These small library guests, who usually visit the QCLIC in slippers, shorts and sando, enjoy learning new words, explore the world through reading, and learn the values they will be proud of when they grow old,” GMA News Online quoted head librarian Emelita Villanueva.

“Aside from teaching them how to read, we listen to their life stories and sentiments, give inspiring advice if needed,” she also said.

Aside from the mental nourishment, they also provided with snacks since most go there with empty stomachs.

Based on statistics cited in various news items, there are more than 2,800 street children in Metro Manila.

Non-governmental organization A Better Life recorded that 75% of the kids on the streets have homes of their own but choose to roam around during their free time. Children who actually live in the streets comprise 25% to 30% of the street children statistics in the country.

Meanwhile, the number of completely abandoned kids are at 5% to 10%.

These kids are mostly exposed to drugs, child prostitution, sexual exploitation and summary execution on top of the common problems they face such as malnutrition and failure to attend schools.