Sunshine Cruz on Cesar Montano’s reunion with daughters: “Si God ang kumilos”

  • Cesar Montano reunites with her daughters with Sunshine Cruz.
  • Cruz said the reunion was meant to happen because it was part of God’s plan
  • She is hoping that it would be a start of a better relationship between Montano and their daughters

A photo of actor Cesar Montano with his daughters Angelina, Samantha, and Franchesca, circulated online after he shared it on his Instagram account.

He captioned his post: “All glory to God for my 3 beautiful daughters.”

Montano’s estranged wife and mother of the three girls, “Dolce Amore” actress Sunshine Cruz, shared the story behind the photo.

On her Facebook page, Cruz said that the reunion of Montano and their three girls, was meant to happen because it was all part of God’s plan.

She shared that she was having an advanced birthday celebration with her daughters and other family and friends at Resorts World Manila and coincidentally, Montano, his brother, and his friends were in the same place, just a one or two restaurants away from the one they were at.

“I believe that it was meant to happen. Same time and same place pa kaya alam ko si God ang kumilos (so I know that it’s all God’s work),” she wrote.

She shared that her daughters were tensed and excited at the same time when they learned that their father was here as well.

Cruz did not hesitate and told her daughters to go and see their father.

She said that her best friend, who accompanied the girls, described the reunion as an emotional one.

As for Cruz, she opted to just wait at the upper level while her daughters talked with Montano, but she admitted that she’s happy with what happened because she’s been very vocal that her daughters need their father in their lives.

“I’m hoping this will be the start of a better relationship of our kids and father. We as parents need to remember na hindi ginusto ng mga bata na tayo ang maging magulang nila (that our children didn’t choose us to be their parents). I know our kids deserve a good life because they are wonderful children” she wrote.

Montano and Cruz separated in 2013 and the latter filed an annulment of their marriage in 2014.