Sweet Victory: This girl earns her crush Louis Tomlinson’s “golden buzzer” on America’s Got Talent

  • AGT contestant wows member of 1D on her performance on AGT
  • AGT hopeful was starstruck to see Louis Tomlinson
  • Jayna Brown advances to the live shows of AGT

America’s Got Talent (AGT) contestant Jayna Brown has just advanced to the live shows of the reality talent search show after she wowed the audience and the judges including her crush Louis Tomlinson who pushed the golden buzzer.

Jayna, who was said to have a crush on the member of the pop boyband One Direction Louis seated at the judges panel, covered her face upon saying “hi” as seen on the first part of the video.

“You want to say some[thing] to Louis?” said Howie Mandel; referring to the guest judge (called as judge cuts).

Judge cuts is a tradition on AGT wherein one guest judge will appear in the panel each week and will also be given one golden buzzer opportunity to send an act to the live shows.

“Hi!” the contestant said while her hands were shaking.

“Are you nervous?” from Howie.

“I’m yeah. Actually, I am” she said.

Howie, again, asked the girl her age and she replied 14.

The other judge Mel B said “that’s why” while Louis is clapping.

“So you are just a baby, who are you with?” asked Howie.

“I am here with my beautiful mother,” she replied, before proceeding with her performance; rendering an Andra Day‘s hit  Rise Up.

The audience, together with the judges, gave her a standing ovation.

“It’s not just one thing with you. It’s not just the voice. You have everything,” praised Louis. “It’s so infectious to watch you perform.

“So……” he pressed the golden buzzer.

The contestant jumped for joy as the atmosphere turned yellow, she cried and after few seconds she immediately rushed down the stage. Louis gave her a hug, and her mother as well.

Meanwhile, netizens posted positive reactions and commendations below her video posted on AGT’s FB page.

“I wish more of the golden buzzers went to acts other than singing….But she has a beautiful and powerful voice! You can tell she’s nervous when she’s talking but then when she sings she blows you away. She seems like a sweetheart. Congrats Jayna! I pray for a great blessing for her and her mom.”

“Not only chills with the hairs standing up on my arms, but the tears from hearing such talent. Her voice, wow wow wow. and then she runs to hug Louis, then her mom, then group hug of all three. AGT I gotta say this is probably the best year for talent.”

“Jayna has an incredible voice. She doesn’t have to worry if she doesn’t win AGT. A smart record producer will snap her up (ahem, Simon)”

“Wow!!! Thank you so much for the overwhelming response and all the wonderful comments!! I feel so wonderful right now!!!” Jayna posted on her Facebook page.

Watch the performance and prepare to giggle and be amazed:



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