They don’t like China too? Hong Kong protesters back PH, urge China to respect arbitration

  • Hong Kong residents staged a protest against China
  • They urged China to respect the West PH Sea arbitration ruling
  • They also said the West Philippine Sea rightfully belongs to the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – They don’t like China too?

In a Facebook video uploaded by a certain Irish Lara, several Hong Kong residents can be seen protesting against China’s refusal to respect the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)’s ruling invalidating its claim in the West Philippine Sea.

Carrying signs bearing the words “China PLA Army Made Of Tofu”, “Hongkongers Support Philippines”, “China Government Has No Ability to Fight” and “CCP Useless”, the protesters urged China to get out from its artificial islands and honor the arbitration decision.

The protesters also backed up the Philippines’ claim and said the West Philippine Sea belongs to them.

“The West Philippine Sea belongs to the Philippines, not China”, shouted one of the protesters.

“China is a coward!” another can be heard saying.

Hong Kong, a special administration region of China, sees millions of mainland Chinese visit it every year. However, locals have regularly complained about the misbehavior of mainlanders; describing them as rude and uncultured.

China, a loser in the arbitration case brought by the Philippines, has vowed not to recognize the decision; saying it will only talk with its smaller neighbor on a bilateral basis — a condition which Manila rejects.

The decision was also unpopularly met in China; with protesters urging Beijing to boycott products coming from the Philippines and its major ally- the United States.

A few ultra-nationalists have also called for armed conflict, though China’s censors were quick to douse the flames.

Several KFC and Apple stores also became flashpoints of protest in recent days; with Chinese protesters urging fellow citizens to boycott these two popular American brands.

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  1. I hope HongKongers will continue to fight for the right of Philippines. The map speaks for itself but China’s President seem to have an idiotic syndrome sickness that he lost his sense of righteousness.

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