Video: Panda house open in China’s northernmost province

  • A panda house opened in China’s northernmost province of Heilongjiang
  • The facility was specially built for two giant pandas You You and Sijia
  • The panda house provides the animals with well-equipped bedrooms and gardens

A panda house, which is now a home for two giant pandas, has opened in Heiliongjiang; China’s northernmost province.

In an article that was posted on CCTV, it was disclosed that two giant pandas — a male and a female — have moved from southwest China’s Sichuan Province to live in their new home in Heilongjiang for both public show and scientific research.

The facility has been specially built for the two giant pandas, nine-year-old male Youyou and 10-year-old female Sijia. The pandas were from the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

“The center attaches great importance to the transfer of the giant pandas, not only making careful arrangement for the journey, but also sending along an experienced team of keepers and medical workers with the giant pandas to help guarantee their mental and physical health during the transition period,” said Deng Linhua, deputy director of a veterinary hospital at the Sichuan center.

The giant pandas are fed with nutritious food including fresh bamboos which are transported from Sichuan.

“Previously we dispatched professional personnel to the Dujiangyan base of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda to learn how to rear and keep pandas, how to process the feed and prevent diseases for them. We’ll continue training our staff to make sure that the two giant pandas live well in good shape in Yabuli,” said Yu Tengjiao, head of the giant panda house.

Meanwhile, the shelter has well-equipped bedrooms and gardens. The environment is also being made comfortable for the pandas.

“In summer we control the indoor temperature to about 20 degrees Celsius by using airconditioners; and in winter we install heaters to keep the house warm from the bitter cold of Heilongjiang. As the weather on northern China is drier than it is in Sichuan, we have built a pond in every indoor playground with water flowing continuously throughout the day for humidification purpose. This way the pandas can feel more comfortable and get used to the environment better,” shared Cui Hao, who is a feeder at the panda house.

Watch the report about the panda house in Heiliongjiang: