Video: VP Robredo, Comelec chair Bautista allegedly meet after SC order to reply to BBM’s protest

  • Video showed alleged meeting between Vice President and Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista
  • The meeting allegedly took place after SC ordered Robredo to reply to Bongbong’s electoral protest
  • The video claimed that Robredo and Bautista met in the condo of a socialite in Makati City

MANILA, Philippines – A viral video going around the online community is claiming that Vice President Leni Robredo allegedly met Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista in secret amid the pending electoral case filed against her by Sen. Bongbong Marcos before the Supreme Court.

According to the video posted on Facebook page Dayaang Matuwid, Robredo met Bautista July 12, 2016, eight hours after the high tribunal—sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET)—ordered her to reply to Marcos’ electoral protest. Both are respondents in the case.

“Barely 8 hours after the Supreme Court made the order, Leni Robredo held a secret meeting with fellow respondent and Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista at the 10th floor of the Urdaneta Apartments in Makati,” the video claimed. “The meeting was held at the unit of socialite Baby Cruz.”

The video itself shows Robredo entering Urdaneta Apartments accompanied by members of her security detail, and noting that she left at around 10:26 PM.

The video also shows Bautista leaving Urdaneta Apartments at 10:30 PM or four minutes after Robredo left.

“As the electoral case is still pending in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), the Filipino people would like to know: Is it legal for the Comelec Chairman to meet and favor the (alleged) fraudulent party? The statement at the end of the video read. “If both parties have nothing to hide, why meet in secret?”

Mixed Reactions

The video was met with mixed reactions on social media; with many blasting Robredo and Bautista for their alleged secret meeting as proof of a conspiracy to cheat Marcos and maintain the Liberal Party’s grip on power.

However, some also defended Robredo; saying she has a right to meet Bautista since both of them are respondents in the same case.

The camp of Robredo and Bautista have yet to air their comments on the video.


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