Viral: Awkward moment a defeated pageant bet snatches crown off winner’s head

  • A jealous runner-up snatches off the crown from the pageant winner in a beauty contest in Colombia
  • The embarrassing episode was captured on video and has gone viral
  • The losing bet was ridiculed online while the winner was praised for her grace and composure

The winning moment of a beauty queen in Colombia turned into a brief awkward episode after her jealous rival snatches the crown off her head and placed the tiara on her own head for a few seconds before storming off the stage.

The embarrassing incident was captured on video and has since gone viral after it was picked up by several international websites.

The viral 36-second clip showed Valentina Bonilla Neira, a 20-year-old law student relishing her victory on stage during a photo shoot after being crowned the ‘National Queen of Bambuco’.

But her bitter rival, runner-up Yeimy Lizeth Silvestre Gamez, a candidate from the capital Bogota, can be seen very less than pleased for not taking the title home and was waiting for the moment to steal the crown – and the spotlight – from Valentina.

Without a word, the defeated beauty pageant contestant snatched off the crown from the winner and placed it on her head for a few seconds before shoving the tiara back to the rightful owner and hastily fleeing the stage in apparent frustration amid ‘boos’ from the audience.

The disgruntled contestant was immediately ridiculed online for her unsportsmanlike behavior, while the winner was praised for her grace and for keeping her composure.

In the video, Valentina is seen just shrugging off the ugly episode before blowing a kiss to the fleeing runner-up and smiling back at the audience.

Watch the clip (from STARentertainment) below: