Viral: Commuter mistaken for a ‘drug pusher’ gets arrested by police in Pasay

  • A commuter claims he was arrested by cops in Pasay for looking like a previously-detained drug pusher
  • Scared of ending up as another victim of extra-judicial killing, the sharer lamented against the ongoing crackdown on illegal drugs
  • While he was eventually allowed to leave, the victim said he is no longer sure how he could have peace of mind over the possibility of getting arrested again
Image from Youghp Cornejo Facebook post
Image from Youghp Cornejo Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines – A commuter in Manila shared his harrowing experience after having been arrested by police officers who have mistaken him for a drug pusher who was previously detained.

The sharer has taken down his story after allegedly receiving nasty comments on Facebook, but a few users managed to take screenshots of the posts that found its way back to the internet.

While the name of the storyteller was not revealed, the incident supposedly happened near the Gil Puyat LRT station along Taft Avenue just recently.

The sharer narrated he was walking towards the LRT station when a female cop in motorcycle suddenly ordered him to board a police mobile.

The woman supposedly said, referring to him: “Nahuli na yan dati. Nagbebenta.” [He has been caught before. Selling (drugs).”

The realization immediately dawned on the victim that he is being apprehended for selling illegal drugs and worse, could end up being summarily executed like other victims of extra-judicial killings he heard over the news.

Image from Youghp Cornejo's Facebook post
Image from Youghp Cornejo’s Facebook post

Nevertheless, the man said he kept his calm and tried to ask why he was being picked up by police. He also demanded to show him evidence of his “crime”.

But the female cop insisted to her colleagues that he be taken away by the police mobile.

The sharer said he also tried to call his officemate and manager, but unfortunately none had taken the call. But he kept on acting as if he was talking to someone on the phone.

Then the vehicle suddenly stopped under the LRT station and one of the cops proceeded to check his cellphone then declared that he could be innocent.

The officers apologized profusedly to him and tried to explain they were just taking orders from a certain Chief Inspector Remedios, their boss.

When he thought everything was over, three more cops arrived and offered to verify the information against him. While one came back with negative result, another officer insisted that he looked like the drug pusher he once arrested.

Image from Youghp Cornejo's Facebook post
Image from Youghp Cornejo’s Facebook post

In the end, he managed to convince the cops that he is an educated person and a professional who does not do drugs. He was eventually allowed to leave, but not before one of the officers ran after him and apologized for the mix-up.

“Ngayon, ‘di ko na alam kung paano ako papasok ng may peace of mind, knowing na pwede pala akong damputin ng pulis at dalhin kung saan,” the sharer lamented.

[Now, I don’t know how I could have peace of mind, knowing that I could be picked up by police and brought anywhere.]

He added he is also scared of the fact now that any ordinary person like him could be arrested for looking like a drug suspect.