Viral: “First Annual Apologise to China Contest” draws many satirical apologists on Facebook

  • The “First Annual Apologise to China Contest” Facebook page has started in Taiwan
  • The contest has since gone viral in HK, Macau and Taiwan social media
  • Most of the comments and entries are satirical in nature
  • The ‘apology’ with the most likes wins the contest

Have you wronged China in the past? Then probably this is your chance to “apologize” to the Chinese people and avoid facing the possibility of being banned or condemned.

A Taiwanese has created a Facebook page “First Annual Apologise to China Contest” that has attracted many commenters from Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong who ‘beg’ for forgiveness for whatever they think they have done that has offended the mainland.

As expected, most of the comments are satirical in nature, and are actually making fun of China’s sensitivity over several issues – political and otherwise.

“I am sorry that I cannot understand the Chinese democracy. It must be because I am not intelligent enough,” said one commenter.

Another wrote: “I’m sorry that I grew up in a free democratic country.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t fill my plate with all the shrimps from the buffet table last night. I actually left some shrimps for the person behind me. If I were back in Beijing, this bourgeois behavior would not have happened. I beg for the Party’s forgiveness,” added another, referring to a viral incident where Chinese tourists are pictured fighting it out and shovelling food into their plates at a Thai restaurant.

One HK netizen also apologized for not buying the ‘New Barlun’ shoes, the brand which was said to have been infringed by New Balance in a controversial legal battle.

Even the recent arbitration court ruling over the West Philippine Sea dispute became a hot topic for some.

“Sorry, I’m Taiwanese, so I didn’t smash my iPhone in response to the Tribunal ruling,” wrote one commenter.

“I am sorry you lost the 9-Dash Line, you can always claim Jupiter and Mars as replacement,” added a Filipino netizen commenting on the HKPF article carrying the story.

The Facebook page surface after Japanese actress Kiko Mizuhara released a video apologizing for being anti-China in some of her social media posts. It has since gone viral on social media.

The contest, which is in Chinese language, runs from July 16 until end of the month. The comment with most likes wins.

If anyone felt he or she has ‘wronged’ China before, feel free to ‘apologize’ in the comment section.



  1. so sorry china is beat again. its just that liars & cheaters don’t win 99.9% of the time. anyway, china has lost countless times in the past. wong choongs should get use to it.

  2. Oh, it should be the other way around, China should ask forgiveness from every people on earth who get victimized by their bullying, from those who suffered seriously because of their poisonous fake products. From those who’s lives have been wasted and lost because of their illegal drugs trade. And from those who lost their loved ones because of their below zero levelled substandard products!
    Hopefully soon, the world will sanction the distribution, selling, importing of China fake-poisonous products to its end!

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