Viral: Jeepney driver entertains passengers through native poetry, shares inspiring story

  • Cebu jeepney driver impresses passengers through his native poetry
  • The driver is able to support the studies of his three college and one high school children
  • Victor Villegas gave reasons why young women should marry a driver

A jeepney driver is making the rounds online and his story is rather interesting.

In a video uploaded by Mikel Hermosada, which has already gained nearly 5,000 shares and 181K views on Facebook, a driver, who goes by the name Victor Villegas,  impressed netizens  with his impromptu poetry as he drives.

What Villegas did as shown in the video is called ‘balak‘, wrote ABS-CBN News; a form of spoken poetry native to the Philippine province.

On his ‘balak‘ using the Cebuano dialect, he said, as transcribed by News Feed (Ph), that he left schooling to find work until fate took him to the path of a driver.

As reported by ABS-CBN News, doing ‘balak‘ makes Villegas forget his personal woes when his passengers laugh with him.

Villegas, most impressively, said he’s able to support the studies of this four children — three college and one high schooler – through driving from 5AM ’till midnight.

Architecture, Interior Designing, Education — These are the courses being taken by his three children as mentioned in the viral video.

Villegas also advises single ladies to choose a driver as their husband if they want to be truly loved.

He mentioned that drivers receive money every day as compared to those who work at the office and only receive their salaries every 15 days or so.

In addition, a regular employee, he said, earns P350.00 for a day while it is easier for drivers to earn the same amount of money.

Meanwhile, some netizens expressed admiration for the father-driver.

“Good driver giving advices is one way of preaching.”

“Driver sweet lover, hugot pa more kuya, nice.”

“Busa mga higala dili nalang ta mo eskwela.. mamasada nalang kita sa kalsada yawat maka kaplag kita ug dalaga nga himuon natog asawa.. hehehe.” [Friends, if we want to find someone to marry, let us not study, let us just drive.], said another who obviously find humor in the driver’s advice.

However, a commenter reminded ‘Mang Victor’ that doing this while driving might pose dangers to his passengers as he is busy delivering the native poetry.

Meanwhile, let us watch Manong Victor deliver his ‘balak’: