Viral Post: Netizen warns users of rechargeable mini-fan to beware of possible explosion, burning

    • A local post emerged online warning users of rechargeable mini-fans
    • Other incidents of people’s hand-held mini-fans exploding and burning also surfaced via comments
    • A six-year-old student also suffered minor burns on his right wrist after a mini fan he was using suddenly explo­ded

Owing to the very warm weather, it’s not uncommon to see students using hand-held mini-fans in classrooms. School principals have allowed the use of it for students who feel so uncomfortable with the scorching heat despite having a number of fans inside the room.

However, a netizen’s post on Facebook emerged to warn users over the possible danger of explosion and burning — after experiencing firsthand a sudden explosion from their rechargeable mini-fan.

“Akala q hndi 22o ang post s FB regardng s mini fan n madalas nyong gamitin..tinawanan qp yng nagpost dhil sv q isang malaking kalokohan..ngunit s pagkakataon pong i2 ay mismong kmi po ang naka experience..’ read the first part of the woman’s post.

[I thought a post on FB regarding mini-fans wasn’t true. I even called the one who previously posted because I thought it was a big joke… but in this case we ourselves experienced such an incident]

According to Rachelle Alquero Salazar, she went on to charge her youngest child’s mini-fan, but in less than 30 minutes of charging, they heard an explosion and found it coming from the mini-fan. Their room apparently got filled with smoke and it was sheer luck that she and her eldest child were still awake. However, the explosion caused the battery to get thrown off the fan and hit her child’s leg; causing a slight burn. It turns out that the battery was so hot you can’t hold it.

Salazar is just too glad nothing worse happened. It could have happened, she said, while her child was using it. She also shared she bought the fan at a mall and not on the streets of Baclaran. Thus, she reminds users to be wary regarding the use of such rechargeable fans.

Another commenter also shared their own scary experience with their mini-fan like Canales who said she charged her mini-fan and set it aside. But after two days, when she felt the need to use it, she smelled burning and smoke came out of it right after she turned it on.

In April, a 6-year-old Malaysian student was hurt after his portable mini-fan exploded in front on his face while he was in class. As per an article by The Local, it was suspected that the battery overheated and/or excessive use resulted to an explosion which left his right wrist burned.

Several online users said via comments that these small fans, which are much in demand hence they can be bought almost anywhere, are usually made in China. However, “these mini-fans have a tendency to explode on its own due to serious defects” as warned by a number of Facebook pages like Juan Nationalist. The page further said that: “Uso bentahan nito ngayon, it cost around Php200 but medical expenses from serious burns cost more.”

Meanwhile, the Mini Portable Fan page clarifies that the “Issue on the viral video about exploding fan, sorry to disappoint you, but that is not the fan itself. That’s the battery you’re using. Buy battery which are already known (Eveready, Energizer, Eneloop, etc.).”

To see the photos and full post of Salazar, click here.