Viral: Sickly old foreigner begging on the streets seeks help returning home

  • FB page posted a picture of sickly old foreigner begging in the streets of Dipolo, Zamboanga del Sur
  • The post said the man is seeking money so he can return home
  • Concerned netizen said she has reported his predicament to the US Embassy
  • Wife of foreigner both blasted and defended by the online community

MANILA, Philippines – Do you know this man?

Social media page Filipino Netizens posted the distressing picture of a sickly old foreigner seeking help reportedly in the streets of Brgy. Dipolo, Molave, Zamboanga del Sur.

“Mga kababayan, tulungan po natin si manong foreigner, may sakit at walang pera gusto nya na makauwi sa bansa nya para makapiling na ang pamilya nya.. kawawa naman, di ko alam kung ano nangyari sa kanya dito sa Pinas..nasa Dipolo Zamboanga Del Sur sya kaya sana paki share!,” read the caption on the picture.

[Fellow countrymen, let’s help Manong foreigner, he is sick and has no money but wants to go home to his country to be with his family. This is heartbreaking, I don’t know what happened to him here in the Philippines, he is in Dipolo, Zamboanga del Sur so please share this picture.]

 Various comments on the picture identified him as a certain Don Jenkins. His wife was also identified — a certain Genalyn Camanse Jenkins.

According to one netizen, she has already informed the US Embassy and got a response that they will look into his case on Monday, July 25.

Many who read Mr. Jenkins’ situation sympathized with him and accused his wife of being a gold digger who abandoned him.

However, some also defended Mrs. Jenkins; saying her detractors should know the full story first before condemning her.

One commenter also hinted at Jenkins possibly abusing his wife — hence, her decision to leave him.

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