Viral Video: Gay-speaking ‘Duterte’ via Bekimon’s impersonation draws funny online interaction

  • Bekimon’s gay impersonation of President Duterte is being shared online
  • The comedian is willing to do more Duterte impersonations if his followers will ask for it
  • A report noted that the President has been more formal as he appeared at the anniversary of Philippine Air Force

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is renowned as a tough-talking, straightforward and feared leader. So it’s quite a surprise when a totally opposite impersonation of him surfaces. And even more surprising is that the video impersonation of him has gone viral.

Filipino Humor?

Well, comedian Bern Persia, widely known as Bekimon, uploaded a video impersonation of the President on July 4; using the gay language. And in less than 24 hours, it went viral.

The caption on the widely-shared vid goes: “Paano kung GAY LINGO ang salita ni President Duterte?????”

“It was actually unplanned and unexpected that this video would go viral,” said Bekimon in an ABS-CBN News interview. “I was watching the news yesterday and I saw President Duterte in one of his interviews and I thought how it would sound if we hear him talking in gay lingo.”

He added, “Ngayon na lang ulit ako nakapag-trip na gumawa then nagulat ako biglang nag viral na malala. Pero medyo sanay na rin kasi this is not my first viral video naman so most definitely ready ako sa bashers, negative comments etc. [It is only now again that I have made ‘trips’ then it surprised me suddenly when it went viral. But I am already used to it since this is not my first viral video, I am most definitely ready for  bashers, negative comments etc.] Above all, I appreciate people’s time because this is a minute and fifty five seconds of their lives being wasted watching me.”

Meanwhile, the ABS-CBN reporter asked him if he has plans to come up with more Duterte impersonation videos; to which he replied that he is not sure but he is willing to do so if his followers will ask for a request.

Bekimon specially parroted a speech made by Duterte calling the attention of illegal drug perpetrators to surrender to authorities and likewise calling on government agencies to reduce red tape in processing government applications.

Bekimon’s impersonation, as uploaded on Facebook, has accumulated nearly 2.5-million views and more than 43k shares as of posting. Believe it or not but interactive comments has reached over 15,500.

Meanwhile, it did not escape the attention of online users that Duterte used a more formal attire when he appeared before the public for the anniversary of the Philippine Air Force last week. This is different from his traditional casual attire like checkered shirt and jeans. Aside from that, it was also noticed that the president no longer put his hand on his cheek and there’s no more swearing.


Watch the impersonation video below:


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