VP Robredo tells Pres. Duterte to take care amid alleged death threats

  • Pres. Duterte is leaving his fate to the hands of God
  • He said Vice President Robredo is there to succeed him if anything happens to him
  • Vice President Robredo asked the president to take care
  • She emphasized that the country needs Pres. Duterte

MANILA, Philippines – Vice President Leni Robredo wants President Rodrigo Duterte to take extra precaution when it comes to his safety in connection with the alleged death threats he’s receiving because of  drug lords allegedly offering a huge amount of money in exchange for his life.

President Duterte said he’s leaving his fate in the hands of God and the Filipinos have nothing to worry about because Vice President Robredo is there to succeed him if anything happens to him, as provided by the Philippine Constitution when it comes to the rule of succession.

“I’m confident that God will decide everything. If God does not want me to die, I will not die. But if God wants me out of the scene, I will be gone. So, ba-bye na lang (goodbye). You don’t have to worry, you have your Vice President. Kaya nga tayo may (That’s why we have the) Vice President e. E, ‘di there is always the rule of succession,” he said.

He believes that if Vice President Robredo, becomes the president, she will also be harsh because the welfare of the country is at stake.

However, Vice President Robredo, who previously vowed to support the Duterte administration, doesn’t seem to like this and told the president that the country needs him.

ABS-CBN News quoted her as saying in a press conference on Friday, July 8: “Sabi ko, ‘Huwag naman, Mr. President. Kailangan mag-iingat pa din kasi kailangan pa kayo ng bansa.'”

[‘I said, ‘Please don’t, Mr. President. You still need to take care because the country needs you.'”]

She acknowledged what the president said about the rule of succession under our Constitution, but emphaszed that the people voted for President Duterte and not her for president.