Was Hiddleston banned from taking Swift to Comic Con?

  • Tom Hiddleston did not bring his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, to the Comic Con
  • The British actor was at the Comic Con to promote his new movie Kong: Skull Island
  • Hiddleston wanted to bring Swift but bosses ‘banned’ her, fearing a Hiddleswift ‘circus’

Why did Tom Hiddleston not bring his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, at the Comic Con?

In an article written by Charlotte Wareing of Mirror, it was disclosed that the British actor was at Comic Con to promote his new movie Kong: Skull Island but Swift was not with him. Reportedly, the actor wanted to bring his new love to the event but the bosses “banned” the singer as they “feared” a Hiddleswift “circus”.

The “Hiddleswift fairytale” began on June 14, when the two were first sighted by The Sun canoodling on the beach in Rhode Island. The couple held hands while walking along the sand hugging, kissing and taking selfies. The photos sparked headlines. To note, her relationship with her ex had just ended that time.

During the Comic Con, on the other hand, the focus was still on Taylor despite her absence; with Tom speaking out about claims that the romance could damage his career. The actor insisted it wasn’t the case, though.

“I don’t know, it comes down to being authentic. Everything you do you have to make sure you truly believe in it and as long as you know that, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says about it,” he said.

“The nature of being a public figure is that everyone will have an opinion about anything you do, and as long as you know why you’ve done something and you’ve committed to it with authenticity then you’re OK,” he added.

Watch the report about Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s relationship: