Watch: Arrogant vandal caught red-handed on CCTV inside computer shop, refuses to admit crime

  • Unrepentant vandal recorded by computer shop’s CCTV scribbling on their walls
  • He then resisted the security guards, said they can’t arrest him because he has a lawyer
  • He escaped by breaking the electronic lock of the shop’s door

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines – Arrogance in its purest form.

On its Facebook page, computer shop Battle Station 5 posted the video of a certain “Deniel Peralta” vandalizing the walls of its restroom and porch and then breaking the electronic lock of its door in his escape.

According to the Bacolod-based shop’s management, Peralta refused to admit to any wrongdoing even when he was shown the CCTV recording of him writing “Baked Ouija” on the CR and porch walls of the shop. He also reportedly told the guards they could not apprehend him because he is their client and he has a lawyer.

As shown in the video, Peralta shoves the guards several times and finally breaks the electronic lock of the shop’s door before leaving down the stairs.

The management, after finding his account on Facebook, shared a screenshot of Peralta laughing off the incident.

Image capture from Battle Station 5's Facebook video
Image capture from Battle Station 5’s Facebook video

“Ang lain pa ya sang na tapos ya ni ubra kag naka palagyo nag chat pa siya sa FB mga amuni. kadlawan ya lang grabi ka isog bata bah. wala respito, gin pm ko sa sa FB account nya wala ga reply kag lantaw ko gin deactivate nya,” the management said.

[What’s worse is that after what he did he laughed at it on Facebook. What an arrogant youth, disrespectful. I PMed his FB account he did not reply and later he deactivated it.]

Commenters on the video positively identified him as Peralta and the student of local school La Consolacion College. One even also said he has another account named Baked Ouija.

Local city councilor Caesar Distrito also encouraged the management to file a case against Peralta for breaking the city’s ordinance against vandalism. Saying he is willing to assist, Distrito said such perpetrators must be taught a lesson in respecting other’s property.


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