Watch: Bato Dela Rosa makes Herbert Colangco reveal who is Bilibid’s No. 1 drug lord

  • PNP chief met convicted robber and rumored drug lord during turnover ceremony in Bilibid
  • He made him reveal just who the top drug kingpin operating inside the prison is
  • Dela Rosa later said Colangco and the rest of the inmates were afraid of him

MANILA, Philippines – He sang like a canary.

Herbert Colangco, the high-profile inmate who became infamous after he organized music videos and a rock concert inside New Bilibid Prison (NBP), was made to sing before PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa after the latter asked him to confirm if Peter Co was the prison’s top drug lord.

Dela Rosa — who was present during Monday’s turnover of the NBP to the PNP Special Action Force — jokingly asked Colangco whether he was a good singer.

After getting a positive reply from Colangco, Dela Rosa responded “Kantahan mo ‘ko ha [Sing for me next time, okay]?”

The PNP chief then later turned serious and asked Colangco whether it is true Co was the prison’s top drug lord.

“Si Peter Co, totoo ba na siya ang hari-hari ng drugs dito? Siya ang hari-hari sa drugs? [Is it true that Peter is the king of drugs here]?” Dela Rosa asked.

“Yes, sir,” was Colangco’s sheepish reply.

Ending their brief encounter, Dela Rosa took hold of the rosary around Colangco’s neck and told him that only God could save his life.

“Tandaan mo ito, walang ibang makakaligtas sa ‘yo kundi ang Diyos, [Remember this, no one can save you except the Lord],” he told Colangco.

Aside from Colangco, convicted robber Jaybee Sebastian — rumored to be another drug kingpin — was also interrogated briefly by Dela Rosa.

Co, who was one of the inmates in the bus along with Colangco and Sebastian, also appeared before the PNP chief but did not speak.

Commenting on his encounter with the high-profile inmates, Dela Rosa could only describe them as scared.

“They were afraid, you saw it, they were turning white,” he told GMA News.



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