WATCH: Skydiver successfully makes 25,000 ft jump without parachute

  • An American skydiver made an unbelievable 25,000 feet jump without wearing any parachute
  • Luke Aikins set this record on Saturday, July 30
  • Aikins has completed 18,000 skydiving stunts throughout his career

An expert skydiver made history by plunging into the wide sky without any parachute.

American Luke Aikins pulled off the death-defying stunt for two full minutes on Saturday, July 30, and was broadcasted live on Fox

Aikins, who has completed 18,000 skydiving stunts, jumped off from an aircraft and soared through 25,000 feet without using any parachute. He landed on a 100 feet x 100 feet net at Simi Valley in California.

“Everyone is calling this my ‘coming-out jump,’ which is ironic considering I’ve been skydiving since the age of 16,” Aikins said in an NPR story.

Describing the feeling after setting a record in skydiving, he said: “I am almost levitating. It is incredible what has happened.”

“It is awesome,” he added.

Kicker Daily earlier reported that it took more than six months for the 42-year-old father to prepare for the drop that was first suggested by his friend and psychologist Chris Talley two years ago.

Aikins earlier stressed why he had to be successful in his stunt: “I mean, I got a wife and a son. I plan on being here for a long time, being a pain in his neck.”

Aside from being the daredevil in skydiving, he is also running a skydiving school that was founded by his grandfather after the World War II. Both his father and grandfather are skydivers like him.

He has also been a stuntman for various films, including “Iron Man”.