Watch: Tearful Melai Cantiveros vows to fix marriage, says hubby her greatest love and destiny

  • Comedienne broke down during interview about her marital problem
  • She disagreed with the view that one has to leave their greatest love for their destiny
  • She vowed to fix their marriage, called Jason her greatest love and destiny

MANILA, Philippines – Finally having the chance to air her thoughts on her split with husband Jason Francisco, comedienne Melai Cantiveros vowed to fix their marriage even as she called him her greatest love and destiny.

In an interview on “Magandang Buhay”, Cantiveros said she disagreed with her co-hosts’ view that one has to leave their greatest love in order to meet their destiny.

“Kanina sa opening, sabi ang greatest love ay iiwanan mo para ma-meet mo ang destiny mo. Hindi ako nag-agree doon. Kayong dalawa nag-agree kayo. Ako naman hindi ako nag-agree doon kasi nga ‘yung greatest love ko ay ‘yung destiny ko,” she said.

[At the opening, you said you have to leave your greatest love to meet your destiny. I don’t agree with that. You two agree with that. I don’t agree with that because my greatest love is my destiny.]

Cantiveros added she chose her husband freely and promised to mend their broken ties.

“Saka ‘yung destiny ko ay ‘yun ‘yung asawa ko. Mahal na mahal ko ang asawa ko. So kahit anong problema ang dumating, paglalabanan ‘yan kasi siya ang forever ko. Forever is a choice and I choose my forever,” she said.

[And my destiny is my husband. I really love him. So whatever problem comes, we’d fight it because he’s my forever. Forever is a choice and I choose my forever.]

Francisco confirmed his split with Cantiveros which started after he reportedly got jealous of his wife’s partner in the TV series “We Will Survive”.

The couple, who were married in 2013, have a daughter together.