WATCH: Tease your sweet tooth with this interactive ice cream museum

  • A group of artists and creative minds built an ice cream museum in New York City
  • The museum has several Instagram-worthy art installations suitable for every ice cream lover out there
  • Opened in July 28, it will only last for a month until August 31

Love ice cream? Who does not, right?

Since many – if not everyone – loves this ice cold treat, it is just logical that a museum was put up where all your “ice cream fantasies” will come true.

On Friday, July 28, creative strategist Meryellis Bunn opened the “Museum of Ice Cream” in New York City.

The museum, which will be open until the end of August, aims to bring back those childhood memories of licking a good old scoop of ice cream on a cone – in an Instagram-worthy kind of way.

“There are so many incredible ice cream makers in New York City, we invited some of our personal favorites to be a part of the experience,” Bunn said in a story by website Crain’s.

Among the biggest attraction in the month-long museum is the life-size pool filled not with water but with more than 7,000 pounds of rainbow sprinkles. Don’t worry, they are not edible and will not stick to your clothing so feel free to jump in to this colorful happiness.

There is also a play place exhibit where guests can seesaw on an ice cream scooper or ride a swing a la ice cream sandwich.

“This is an art installation meets an ice cream shop meets a taste experiment,” shared one of the builders of the museum.

Although the installation is targeted to millenials “who need to prove to the rest of social media that they were out somewhere doing something really fun”, it is open for everybody. Only, the sad part is – tickets are sold out. But you may still enter for free on Fridays from 11 am to 3pm.