Watch this amazing man who’s building homes for the homeless using discarded plastics

  • This video of a man who’s building homes for the homeless has gone viral
  • His amazing source to make such homes are just discarded plastics
  • The vid has gone viral with more than 19 million

A video uploaded by David Wolfe on Facebook that has gone viral is sure to awaken your mind to the sorry state of the homeless and how such a social issue could be tackled just by using discarded plastics — as shown by the wonderful man in the clip.

Indeed, homelessness is a global problem that nations are continuously facing; add to this the problem of garbage which is an environmental issue.

Well, one man have come up with a single solution to these two pressing problems of the world and it is something that nations could truly learn from.

This good man named Oscar Mendez is building homes for the homeless people using recycled plastics in order to address top concerns.

He founded a Colombian Enterprise, Concept Plastics, and together with his people, they process and mold used plastics and rubbers into bricks; much like a lego piece.

They then assemble these pieces into high-quality low-cost houses for people who are in dire need of a home to shelter them and regain their dignity.

According to the clip, it takes five days for four people to assemble a 430 sq. ft. house. And amazingly, they have built 16145 ft. of houses and are planning to build more. A real thumbs up, right?

So far, as per the video’s info sharing, they have recycled 300 tonnes of plastic waste in the process and are surely bringing positive changes to the people, and yes, to the environment as well.

It’s no wonder that this video is gaining much views and shares as it covers two social problems that people are much concerned about — homelessness and the environment.

Various comments, out of over 7,000, include tagging people in the government to look at this video and to bring about change in the lives of the homeless people around us.

Views, as of posting, have soared to over 19 million and shares have gone up to 362K — and quickly rising by the minute.

Watch this and you’ll understand why: