Wedding photographer turns couples into amazing miniature versions of themselves

  • Wedding photographer transforms couples into miniature versions of themselves
  • Thailand-based photographer Ekkachai Saelow produces surreal yet sweet photographs
  • Saelow has almost 200,000 followers on his Facebook page

A Thailand-based wedding photographer transforms couples into miniature versions of themselves; making lovers appear like tiny people in a big world.

In an article that was posted on Bored Panda, it was disclosed that photographer Ekkachai Saelow does not just believe in capturing the finer details of his subjects but actually turns his subjects into the finer details.

Saelow’s photography business literally translates as “Small Person.” He specializes in turning happy couples into miniature inhabitants of over-sized worlds. He does these by cutting his clients out of their original pictures and inserting them into a small scale environment before applying an effect known as tilt-shift photography in order to give them that miniature macro look. What he produces is both sweet and surreal.

A lot of people commented on the shots that were posted on social networking sites.

“You got a magic in your hands to recreate the moment in your own way,” said S.E.

“It’s awesome, great work! Keep it up!” A.M. commented.

“Wow, it’s so fantastic photo but great, i wondering how,” stated L.H.

As of posting, Saelow already has almost 200,000 likes on his Facebook page which you may visit to see more of his works.