Will Paolo Ballesteros be back at Eat Bulaga?

  • There are reports that Paulo Ballesteros will come back at Eat Bulaga this August
  • The news that Ballesteros met with the executives of the show had been a hot topic on Twitter
  • The actor has been suspended in the show for five months because of his Facebook rant

Many are asking right now if actor and host Paolo Ballesteros will be back at Eat Bulaga soon.

In an article written by Jojo Gabinete of Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), it was disclosed that after five months of being suspended from being a host at Eat Bulaga,  the news that Ballesteros will be part of the show again has been a hot topic in social media.

On Twitter, recently, the reports that Ballesteros talked to the executives of the show have circulated.

The actor, on the other hand, remained silent amid the issue. In fact, when he was asked by PEP about it, he just replied “secret.”

Moreover, Ballesteros, once more, did not give any statement when he was asked again by PEP in the set of movie Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?


In March 2016, Ballesteros’ fans and Eat Bulaga viewers noticed his absence in the noontime show.

Later on, it was found out that he was suspended because of his Facebook rant against the organizer of an event which was attended by Eat Bulaga.

Makeup transformations

At present, Ballesteros is very famous because of his makeup transformations.

Recently, he received an email from the producers of the E! Network series “Famously Single,” VH1 series “Couples Therapy,” and other programs from HBO, NBC, and Comedy Central.

According to the email from Damian Sullivan, they watched Ballesteros’  make-up transformation videos and they are interested on giving him a television project.

Watch the video of a report about Ballesteros’ suspension: