Woman in labor calls Uber to take her to the hospital instead of ambulance

  • A pregnant woman called the service of Uber instead of an ambulance to take her to the hospital
  • After the successful labor, Rati Sunuraya became a mother to baby Jasmine
  • Uber’s General Manager congratulated the new mother and father together with their driver-partner

AUSTRALIA — A pregnant woman who labored one month earlier than expected decided to call the service of Uber rather than an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

As narrated by Rati Sunuraya on News.com.au, she was experiencing so much pain at around 2:30 in the morning on June 5.

Instead of taking the risk of calling an ambulance to get her to the hospital and have no idea when it would arrive, she deemed it wiser to take the Uber service car — which arrived in their area in just five minutes.

The car did arrive at once, but the husband was getting annoyed with the driver’s slow driving.

However, Sunuruya is thankful to the Uber service as it brought her right on time to the city’s Royal Women’s Hospital. Otherwise, she could have been pushing the baby out inside the car.

As written on Daily Mail (UK), within minutes after arriving at the hospital, she was immediately taken into the labor’s ward and began pushing for the baby.

“I wasn’t expecting to go into labor, I thought it was just me in pain,” said the new mother. “But when I got to the hospital, they said I had to start pushing straight away, and the next thing I know my baby was born.”

The newly-born baby was named Jasmine.

Meanwhile, the Uber company’s General Manager for Australlia and New Zealand, David Rohrsheim, congratulated the happy family and the driver-partner.

“As a new dad who did my first exciting trip to a maternity ward in January, I am thrilled that Uber could help welcome another Australian baby into the world. We send our best wishes to the happy family and the driver-partner.”

In an article, Liberty Viral mentioned that the Uber did not only help them save time but also with money as riding an ambulance in Australia could be costly.

In March, a bride-to-be in Manila had a problem with her bridal car so she booked an Uber to take her to her church wedding. She paid only a hundred pesos; comparing it to the thousands of pesos she spent in hiring a bridal car, as per a story by Kicker Daily.