A “Bejeweled” Sen. Enrile During a Senate Inquiry

  • An alleged photo of Sen. Enrile playing ‘Bejeweled’ has recently circulated on social media
  • Sen. Santiago not amused, saying it’s an ‘unparliamentary act’ 
  • Many Netizens have now formed an addiction to games on electronic gadgets

The senators are supposed to be among the best of the lawmakers in the country yet many have been involved in a lot of controversies not just these past few weeks but for a long time now.  It can be disheartening to think that those who are dismayed with what the senators are doing could be correct in their assumptions.

Aside from being among the top players of the hot issue of the pork barrel scam, Sen. Enrile has drawn a lot of flak from netizens when he was caught playing with his electronic tablet.

The Bejeweled Photo

A photo which shows an elderly gentleman playing “Bejeweled” on his tablet in what appears to be a boardroom began circulating various social media in August.  The elderly guy was pictured from the back, his facial features not clear, but the game he was so absorbed with was quite clear on the photo.  When it began circulating the web, the man was clearly identified as Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.  Even if the photo wasn’t clearly showing his face and even if it wasn’t labeled, it was easy to identify that it really was him.  When asked about it, he was even quite proud of his achievements in the game, boasting that he is already on level 271!  How cute is that?

It would have been a cute picture, after all, the older generation is often reluctant to embrace new technology.  Well, that would be cute it if it was taken in a different setting and event, perhaps at home with grand kids at his feet.  But no!  That particular “cute” photo was actually taken during the Senate inquiry regarding the “sex-for-flight” controversy!  Taken in that context, the seemingly “cute” photo turns disgusting.  We want our government officials, especially those who are elected in position, to do their jobs the best they could and the best they should!  It is a sad reality that the people are shortchanged in so many things, including services from the government and the services or work done by our elected officials.