A “Bejeweled” Sen. Enrile During a Senate Inquiry

The Angry Bird

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was among the many who weren’t amused with the photo, labeling it as an unparliamentary act especially because it causes disruption and distraction during the session.  She calls for a refinement and updating of the rules on decorum.  Of course, she understands new technology, especially the use of tablets and smart phones to promote a paperless senate but wants the proper use of these gadgets to be defined in the provisions.

Well, Sen. Enrile is an intelligent person who doesn’t even have to memorize scripts for a speech such as the one he was set to do in the inquiry.  He was actually waiting for his turn to speak on the issue and may have been a bit bored because colleague Sen. Jinggoy was taking a long time grilling Philippine Labor Attache Adam Musa who was allegedly involved in the controversy.

Still, even a genius has to learn to respect others and also do his job well.  In a session as serious as an inquiry of a controversial matter, his undivided attention was required.  Could it be old age that is making him soft or is it because he is not the Senate President anymore?

An Electronic Addiction

Many netizens have formed an addiction or attachment of sorts with 1 or more games on electronic gadgets yet it is important to know where your boundaries lie.  Just as kids are not allowed to play with their gadgets while in school and workers not allowed electronic gadgets while at work, senators should also be banned from using such gadgets especially for playing while in any session or official gathering!  That is their work – why should they be above the other workers who are banned from playing while working?  They are not gods!

It is easy to agree with Sen. Miriam.  The senators and other government officials should not play with electronic gadgets while at work, whether they are holding regular business hours or not.  As long as they are at work, they should be prohibited from playing with electronic gadgets.  The “Bejeweled” Sen. Enrile should set a good example to workers and to the people.

We hope he doesn’t do it again!