A Little kid was thrown off from a 27-foot bridge

  • A boy was pushed to a bridge that stands 27 feet from the river
  • The incident was captured in a video by a Facebook user
  • Facebook user Kaylub Fawley claims that the boy was pushed by a stranger

A terrifying video shows a four-year-old falling from a bridge 27 feet from the river after a stranger allegedly pushed him.

The video was posted by a Facebook user named Kaylub Fawley via the social media site.

In the video, the little boy was struggling to resurface from the river located in Devonshire Bridge in Montesano. Fawley said the child was pushed to the river by a stranger despite his mother being with him.

Even the people around were terrified of what they saw as the video captured their screams as well.

The boy survived the traumatic fall but it was not mentioned if he had injuries.

“This is what happens when some parents just don’t care,” Fawley was quoted in a story by Mirror.

“This is a woman me and all my friends witnessed letting a ‘stranger’ throw her four-and-a-half-year-old son off the bridge yesterday into the water for fun,” he added.

According to the story by Mirror, the stranger, the boy and his mother actually trespassed into the bridge, which is a private property.

People online who saw the video expressed various reactions:

“You can hear how hard he hit the water. Doesn’t matter if the kid said yes he didn’t know it would hurt. I would’ve said yes too at that age. A lot of people should not be able to reproduce,” one Facebook user commented, furious of the mother.

“Having a child I seriously cried watching this seeing a poor little boy get harmed no matter the circumstance there was still a child thrown from a bridge,” another one commented.

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