A Manila motorist’s good deed goes viral

  • A post by TV host James Deakin went viral on Facebook
  • On the post, Deakin described an act of kindness that occurred along the streets of Taft Ave., Manila
  • The post has been liked more than 107K times and shared by over 21K Facebook users 

It’s normal to feel unsafe in the streets of Manila these days, with crime and violence still plaguing the city. But amidst all the recent negative news on the metro’s roads, a ray of sunshine was brought by a good Samaritan.

 TV host and motoring journalist James Deakin posted in his Facebook page, at the request of his friend Dr. JV Jaurigue,  a story of a random act of kindness done by a motorist.

Jaurigue was dropping off his daughter at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (CSB) when a man driving an SUV on his right was handing him an iPhone.

He initially thought it was some kind of modus operandi that he might fall victim to.

“When I realized it is my daughter’s phone, I looked at them and they were smiling at me. I figured, these are genuinely nice people and were just trying to help,” he said.

He also said that it was a “breath of fresh air” to encounter such a kind person on the road, after all the bad things that have been happening on the streets lately.

Jaurigue was unable to get the name of the good Samaritan so he instead asked to take a photo.

 “Being in the middle of traffic that was beginning to move, I couldn’t make conversation, so I managed to ask them, ‘May I take a picture of you?’ They just smiled at me and drove off. I managed to take a photo or two,” he said.

From Deakin’s Facebook post, the identify of the kind man was uncovered. He is Engr. Gabriel  Delim and was driving with his wife, Merriem Delim when the incident happened.

 “I saw a young lady dropping off from a car which was two cars ahead from our car and was probably unaware that her cellphone had fallen,” Delim told ABS-CBN News.

It was a green light so he had challenges chasing the car that dropped off the said girl to return the phone.

Delim shared that it was their daughter that came across Deakin’s post on Facebook, recognizing her father in the photo.

“At first our daughter was also shocked because the opening statement was kind of leading to something negative,” he said. “But when she read the full story, she was very happy and proud.”